Secrets Of Amazing Engagement Photos!

Engagement season is underway and I’m so excited for the sessions coming up! Here are a few tips to getting amazing pictures to make all of your Instagram followers jealous.

Karly & Derek On Hines Drive

Relax, Relax, Relax

Easy to say, and hard to do, I know.  It’s one thing to take a quick selfie with your partner and post it; it’s another thing when you’re both dressed up in front of a real camera, out in public.  It feels like a special event, because it is, and you want to get it right – so it’s natural to feel at least a little nervous.  The thing to remember, though, is that the couples in those awesome pictures felt just the same way.  Take some time before the engagement session to just talk and get to know the photographer.  It builds a relationship (photographers are people too!) and gives you time to relax and breathe.

Once you do get going, sometimes the first few shots feel awkward – and that’s OK!  Get those out of the way quickly, so that you can settle into a rhythm and move on to the better ones.  It gets better – really, it does.  And during the shoot, take time to move around, to laugh, and to take breaks – because (sharing a secret here) sometimes those amazing pictures happen during “taking a break”!

Start With Something Familiar

One way to do this is with your location choice.  Whether at your home, where your first date was, at your favorite coffee shop, or at the park where you walk every weekend – you’ll naturally relax when you’re in a familiar place.

Another way is to bring your pet or a prop into the shoot.  It can be uncomfortable when the camera is focused on you, so those things help to shift attention, and often make for great natural emotion shots as you interact (dogs are great for this!)

And the way to be calm that almost no one tries – practice!  First of all, it’s a nice excuse to get close to one another, and second, by practicing you will already know how your bodies fit and work together when you’re with your photographer.  Make the situation feel familiar, because you’ve done it before.

Dress Stylishly And Comfortably – For You

You don’t have to go over the top – if you’re trying to be something or someone you’re not, it will come through the lens and be obvious.  You just need to be your favorite version of yourself.  There are lots of examples and guides for how to dress online, and the thing they all have in common is the unspoken idea that when you love how you look, you feel confident and it shows.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Affectionate

You look fantastic; you feel great because you know you look fantastic; and you’re with the person you’re going to spend your life with – with a photographer to capture you both at your best.  It’s actually more strange if you’re not excited and affectionate – what better day than today, right now?  Take a second look at all of those amazing pictures, and you’ll see how real the emotions are – and by allowing yourself to feel that strongly is the key to showing it through your body language and your facial expressions.

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