Being Real

The pictures are gorgeous – there’s no denying it. Massive cascades of flowers line the aisle up to the altar, itself covered in what looks to be 400 candles (of perfectly-varying heights) all twinkling just so, while 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen (impeccably dressed and posed) look on in rapt adoration at the beaming couple. Hundreds of guests have gathered, primed for the coming celebration of banquet food and raucous dance and hoping for a few moments to just say “Hello!” to the newlyweds and maybe grab a quick selfie to commemorate.

But as a bride, what do you remember? The day goes by too quickly, and those few stolen moments with each guest fade into one another. When all is said and done, the crush and scope of the schedule leave too little time for enjoyment, too little time for catching your breath, and way too little time for lingering and laughing with those who matter the most. That’s not how you are on other days, so why should you be different today?

Today is the day to be the MOST you – a day that will happen only once, and a day for you to completely experience the love and emotion of your partner, your family, and your friends. It will still feel like it goes by too quickly, but keeping it intimate affords you time to look at each person around the table and to really see how they care for you and your happiness. The brides that host those big parties keep the same memories; in your intimate wedding, you just get more of them to treasure.

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