Your wedding photographs are the captured moments and timeless record of a joyous day that – after months of planning! – passes by too quickly.
We are honored to be a part of your wedding and excited to give you those moments back.


Stonecrest takes a natural, unposed, and unobtrusive approach to capturing the beauty and events of your day.
Our informal style follows the day as it unfolds, so that we can tell the most authentic story possible.
We capture the quiet and beautiful moments as well as the loud, crazy, and joyous ones – the laughs and the tears that make the magic moments.


Depending on the day and its activities, we will capture between 500 and 1000 images during our time with you.
Afterwards, each one is put through a careful selection process and we retain only the ones that meet our high standards.
The gallery is then edited for composition and color correction, with all work done in-house to ensure consistency and quality.

You’ll receive black & white images as well – there’s something inescapably elegant about the perfect moment rendered in rich monotone!